IT Consultancy

At DevDetector, we believe in incorporating information technology (IT) into your overall business plan, allowing you to fully exploit the potential it provides, such as expanding into new markets, gaining market share, or increasing revenue. And with our Information Technology (IT) consulting services, we can give exactly that to businesses.

  • IT Planning & Strategy

We assist in the development of a vision for the efforts required to align your IT capability with your business goals, as well as a clear understanding of the suggested timing, sequence, and anticipated cost of the changes in order to evolve and remain relevant. For strategic IT planning, we have a solid and well-proven methodology.

IT Strategy and Planning Services from DevDetector

We can bring your organization up to speed with our roadmap of initiatives that are directly tied to business outcomes, complete with a detailed plan and a rock-solid timeline and budget; we can guide you with the best possible answers to the most complex technical challenges, and provide end-to-end tech assistance that is tailored to your unique organization. This comprises:

  • Assessment of the Current IT Environment
  • Analyze the Disparities
  • Designing IT Infrastructure
  • Recommendations and a Technology Roadmap
  • Cost-cutting in IT
  • Assessment of IT Security
  • Assessment of IT Service Management

Our ITSM experts work diligently to confirm your business direction, assess your current IT service delivery plan and identify key strategic initiatives and business objectives. We ensure alignment of your IT service delivery plan with your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize activities based on your current needs.

Through our ITSM assessment services, we make sure to carry out a “future-needs” assessment and provide the necessary direction with respect to your IT infrastructure, IT organization, and operational processes and procedures. We also develop a high-level plan for implementation, where we furnish a detailed review of key projects identified to meet business objectives.

  • Cost reduction and business processes

Current IT Environment DevDetector experts have vast expertise in altering our clients’ operations, allowing them to get valuable insight into a number of industries. We combine that knowledge with our own personal development to provide our clients with a collaboration that will improve their business operations and IT.

IT cost optimization takes advantage of existing opportunities in your organization. You know the opportunity exists; the problem is locating it. It’s difficult to spot inefficiencies when you’re so ingrained in your firm, but our crew is trained to look for them.

  • Management of Risk

DevDetector assists your company with disaster preparedness by conducting thorough IT risk and data security assessments, allowing you to discover gaps, develop appropriate processes, and manage risks that could result in downtime.

DevDetector can safeguard your data and create and build continuity strategies to prepare your operations and reduce the danger of a catastrophic incident, with the goal of lowering risk and restoring normal operational conditions after an unexpected interruption.

We work with you to establish and manage the required redundancy and secure protocols for safeguarding and recovering your systems, all while keeping your risk tolerance in mind.

  • Management of Programs and Projects

DevDetector IT program and project management services provide our customers with the knowledgeable personnel they require to succeed. Our management teams are proud of their track record of completing projects successfully across sectors and locations. You must have access to the required resources and technology in order to achieve achievements. Our professionals not only have access to these resources but also know how to use them effectively.

  • IT Management Services

DevDetector comprehensive IT Leadership Services equip your company with senior-level executive resources who can act as C-suite executives and IT leaders. Our executive resources use their technical backgrounds and knowledge with a wide range of IT platforms and technologies to swiftly and efficiently match the proper technology solutions to your desired business objectives. Without needing to hire a full-time senior-level IT executive, our IT Leadership Services will provide you with the benefit of having a leader with years of expertise functioning in a variety of IT contexts.

Whether you need us to advise, lead, or manage, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our IT professionals may re-architect and redo large systems or create a plan for small issue areas to keep things operating smoothly – each with equal expertise and commitment – thanks to their extensive industry understanding and passion to getting things right for every client, every time. Our virtual C-suite executives will attend Board-level meetings to align business goals and objectives with IT strategy and tactics, ensuring that you are on the correct track.

DevDetector IT Leadership Services go beyond network and IT infrastructure management; we give businesses a complete analysis and set of recommendations aimed at accomplishing their objectives. We turn information technology into an “enabler” for our clients, giving them a competitive edge in their markets. Our research and suggestions are tailored to the technology that best fits your applications, performance requirements, budget, and IT infrastructure. We uncover critical business aspects and build a strategy to simplify your tech environment through a full IT assessment, paving the path for a more cost-effective, high-performing, and dependable IT infrastructure.


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DevDetector is a young company based in Pakistan founded in 2021, which delivers high quality software using the latest disruptive technologies available in the market. We possess a remote and multidisciplinary team around the globe, which helps businesses increase their value through custom software development, outsourcing and IT consultancy services.

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