Shahjahan Khokhar

Shahjahan Khokhar

Principle Software Engineer | Consultant

Hi, I’m a Software Engineer. I graduated back in 2012, and worked in different companies stepping toward my goal. On this just-started journey, I've learned plenty of good stuff and experienced amazing people like you.

Talking about Skills:

MERN stack, Asp. Net Fullstack, Dot Net Framework, Dot Net Core Framework, ReactJS, Express JS
Angular [6,7], Javascript, TypeScript, JSX, Html5, Bootstrap, Ng-Material, Ng-Flex-Layout
Web APIs, Web Services
SQL Server, MongoDB, Entity Framework, Sequelize,
Jira, TFS, Bitbucket, Git versioning control systems

Intermediate Skills:

Java EE, WordPress, Android
Angular 8, Java Vaadin,
Oracle 11g. MySql
Bitbucket versioning control system

Experienced with:

PHP, C++, Selenium, NUnit, JUnit
Angular ionic cross-platform development
Oracle 12c, SQLite, firestore database

R&D and Interests:

SAAS Cloud-ready applications, AWS EC2, GCP WebApps
Microservices, Service Mashups, DevOps

This is all me always trying to find new ways of learning and find challenges, and I wonder if I'll ever stop.

Thank you!

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