A dedicated development team is a popular partnership model in software development for remote client collaboration. This strategy is the greatest solution for both established businesses and emerging startups since it is transparent and effective. Read More


Our client’s internal development procedures, methodologies, and culture are followed by a dedicated, specialized, and secure Team Extension model.

  • Expertise in a certain topic and technology can be acquired quickly.
  • All staff is dedicated completely to the client’s project.
  • Team scaling that is flexible and quick, as well as system alignment with a client
  • Switching to a dedicated team or a fixed scop
  1. Comprehensive control over workforce administration

Because of its broad breadth, the DT model allows businesses to have complete control over their team structure. Companies can scale up and down the dedicated workforce on demand if a client needs to make some changes or fully change the path.

  1. Transparency and direct continuous communication

Different time zones and other dividing lines are no problem for a dedicated development team – JIRA, Slack, Zoom, and other communication and tracking technologies are ready to help. Because the professionals were assigned to a single project, they were able to communicate with clients directly and without the use of intermediaries.

Access to a vast pool of tech professionals

A dedicated team approach might enable firms address the skill gap on demand if the project complexity necessitates diverse coding expertise. As a result, firms receive a great match for their competency requirements, regardless of the technology they want.

  1. Rapid ramp-up times and game-breaking development speed

Although employing a specialised staff is similar to traditional recruitment, the former allows you to skip common HR headaches and begin to work in a matter of days. This engagement model bridges the smallest time gap between the conception of an idea and the start of actual activity.

  1. Free choice

The dedicated team strategy enables businesses to take control of the developer selection process. In addition to reviewing a small list of qualified applicants, an outsourcing company gives a full profile description for the ideal candidate and conducts a Skype or phone interview with the developers to assess their skills.

Dedicated team support

Companies don’t have to spend valuable time and money setting up office space and purchasing equipment for a remote workforce. Dedicated team members are often based at the development vendor’s office and are managed by HR.

  1. Cost efficiency

Because the budget is stable and specified, choosing a dedicated team approach is financially reasonable. Even when comparing dedicated development teams to part-time development teams, organizations end up paying more for long-term projects when choosing the latter model.

  1. Highly scalable teams

Companies can quickly experiment with workloads and fine-tune team sizes to handle increased workloads. It could entail scaling down the crew once the key milestones have been met, or scaling up to add new features to the product.

  1. Motivated team members

Continuous feedback and long-term collaboration inspire dedicated employees to reflect on their work and maximize the value they bring to your firm. This paradigm, among other things, provides possibilities for self-development and establishes defined objectives.

  1. Focused approach

Team members do not juggle projects because this paradigm requires full participation in solution creation. It also helps developers to hone their talents in a certain vertical.

The phase of discovery

This is the first step in a possible collaboration with a specialized team. A client and a development firm collaborate throughout the discovery phase to:

  • determine the scope of the project
  • determine the number of team members required
  • grasp the team’s experience and skill set in a specific field
  • Costs of development should be discussed.

When all stakeholders have agreed on the scope of the project, as well as the other conditions and requirements, they can go on to the following phase, which is team formation.

The team setup phase

Both parties agree on contract conditions and form a partnership during the team formation phase. The development company assembles a dedicated team for the project after signing the contract. The client is then connected to a dedicated delivery manager, a “go-to” team member who manages the project timetable while keeping the client and DT on the same page.

The devoted team will then hire the persistent team with the help of one or two temporary principal engineers (from the core team). Qualified candidates will be chosen from a pool of available employees at the organization. If additional specialists are needed, the service provider will hire them within two or three months of the contract being signed.

When more recruiting is required, the client will be assigned a dedicated recruiter who will assist in the identification of candidates and provide weekly reports on their progress. Three rounds of hard and soft skill interviews will be conducted for each possible candidate. If a candidate fits all of the requirements, they will be invited to the client for a final interview.

The stage of development

The development process begins after the first team member is assigned to the project. As with their in-house development team, the client’s team begins assigning work to the dedicated team members. All operational chores, taxes, and maintaining an appropriate work environment are normally handled by the development business. Each team member will have regular meetings to maintain a high level of employee enthusiasm and retention face to face meeting with HR manager.

The acquisition

With dedicated teams, buyout is also achievable. Clients are often hesitant to commit time and money in the development of dedicated teams. Altigee can suggest a DT buyout if a client desires that the dedicated team not utilize their acquired knowledge for other firms or projects. A client can either buy the complete staff and hire them directly or set up a remote development center in this situation. In both scenarios, we can assist.

Why choose DevDetector

DevDetector helps a variety of clients with their technology demands. In terms of delivery, programme management, and personnel acquisition, we follow industry best practices. As a result, we’ve put in place a standard governance architecture for dedicated development teams.