Webbased Electronic Health Record

Tools&Technologies: .NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL SERVER, HTML5, CSS#, JQuery, JavaScript.

Major Modules & Features: Patient Demographics, Medical History, Vitals, Charts & Graphics,  Diagnosis, Procedures, Appointment Schedule, Lab Results, Reminders, ICD & CPT, Messages, Prescriptions, Printing.

Distributel Communications Limited

Tools&Technologies: Reactjs, Nodejs, MongoDB

Since 1988, Distributel Communications Limited has been trusted by Canadians for their telecommunications needs.

Distributel is one of the pioneers of the independent service provider industry in Canada. Distributel has evolved from being founded as a long distance provider to become a growing, national, full service telecommunications provider.

With offices across the country and a national network, Distributel continues to forge new partnerships and bring innovative solutions to market, resulting in the most complete product suite vs any competitor. Residentially, Distributel offers high-speed Internet, television, home phone and long distance services at competitive prices in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. Commercially via ThinkTel, the Business Services Division of Distributel, we provide advanced voice and data services for the SMB, Enterprise and Wholesale markets throughout Canada. As a top Microsoft Solutions Partner and a Cisco PMP, the Business Services division is a driving force for innovation in the industry.

Over the last several years, in addition to product innovation, Distributel has focused on service provider acquisitions, securing its position as one of Canada’s leading independent Internet service providers.


Tools&Technologies: Reactjs, Nodejs, SQL Server

Domain Industry: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Elastic Search.

Decision Support Agent
Decision Support Agent

Tools&Technologies: C#,, Jquery, Javascript

Domain Industry: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Algorithms

Sample Post Format: Chat

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