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Software Development

We transform businesses with powerful and adaptable digital solutions .

Offshoring / Outsourcing

We Provide one-shop-stop  services where we provide Ex We .

IT Consultancy

We analyse your needs and resources and we provide .

Dedicated Teams

We provide a highly qualified team of professionals for .

Web & Mobile Development

We have skilled members bringing custom mobile applications for .

QA & Testing

Experienced QA Engineering teams. Experienced QA Engineering teams.


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We provide skilled and experienced remote teams at almost 60% less cost than the US market. An average rate for a 3-5 years candidate would be less than 4k dollars focusing entirely on highly skilled resources rather than cheaper only

Trained Teams

We provide all types of required training to our individuals to work with international clients and global teams. Especially working in an agile methodology, using project management tools and version controlling softwares.

Micro Management

In order to maintain the quality of services and client satisfaction, we continuously monitor the work routine of an employee. Includes communication, honest deadlines, availability, workplace availability, Internet & electricity solutions, Software and Hardware assistance.


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Always on the lookout for the hi-tech advancements. Build a product that will sell well

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Remote It Projects – Everything You want to know as a Project Manager

Best practices for project supervisors working with remote groups: Best practices for project supervisors working with remote groups: Set measures for communication Sure: Unconstrained communication within the shape of physically strolling over to someone’s work area and chatting may not be a plausibility with an inaccessible workforce, but with the approach of programs like Slack .

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