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Software Development

We transform businesses with powerful and adaptable digital solutions .

Offshoring / Outsourcing

We provide one-stop services where we provide Offshore outsourcing .

IT Consultancy

At DevDetector, we believe in incorporating information technology (IT) .

Dedicated Teams

We provide a highly qualified team of professionals. A .

Web & Mobile Development

Web development professionals take a comprehensive approach to Web .

QA & Testing

Software testing and quality assurance services seek to guarantee .


Few Reasons

Why Choose Us


We provide skilled and experienced remote teams at almost 60% less cost than the US market. An average rate for a 3-5 years candidate would be less than 4k dollars focusing entirely on highly skilled resources rather than cheaper only

Trained Teams

We provide all types of required training to our individuals to work with international clients and global teams. Especially working in an agile methodology, using project management tools and version controlling softwares.

Micro Management

In order to maintain the quality of services and client satisfaction, we continuously monitor the work routine of an employee. Includes communication, honest deadlines, availability, workplace availability, Internet & electricity solutions, Software and Hardware assistance.


WhatWe've Done

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A New Era of


Always on the lookout for the hi-tech advancements. Build a product that will sell well


  • Dynamic Planning: The DevDetector team is young, energetic, and has extensive expertise working on a wide range of project kinds and sizes. We are proud of our quickness, pricing, and communication at DevDetector.

  • Vision and Mission: Our developers have extensive technological expertise, and our global presence enables us to work fast and efficiently. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed your requirements.

  • Excellence in Technology: Despite the competition and time constraints, DevDetector was able to create effective Android applications. Our primary goal is to complete it on time and under budget so that we can provide the greatest products on the Play Store.

  • Offering the Best Solutions Where Science Meets Technology: Where business and technology collide, this is the most cost-effective option. Passion, excellence, and adaptability define DevDetector. With the help of our blended pricing approach, expertise, and top-tier business skills, we challenge ourselves to build better solutions. Our accomplishments have a direct impact on our customers. We make every attempt to value your business.

Selecting The right IT partner means focusing on yourbusiness needs as quickly as possible
Technical Expertise A full-service IT resource
Business Intelligence (BI) Client Feedback
Consistency Using the Best-of-Breed Technologies
Quality Assurance Policy Security and Confidentiality
Intelligent assistance Services

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QA & Testing Services at DevDetector

Experienced QA Engineering teams. Software testing and quality assurance services seek to guarantee that software satisfies all criteria and user expectations. DevDetector assists you in delivering high-quality software and providing the greatest possible experience to your end-users. We are top achievers who ensure that your product functions flawlessly and enriches the lives of your customers.Read .

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About Us

DevDetector is a young company based in Pakistan founded in 2021, which delivers high quality software using the latest disruptive technologies available in the market. We possess a remote and multidisciplinary team around the globe, which helps businesses increase their value through custom software development, outsourcing and IT consultancy services.

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